guitar lessons in hessle

Who Is It For?

Beginner – Advanced

All skill levels are catered for here. No matter what stage you’re at, we will work together and get you to the next level. Don’t yet have a guitar? Don’t worry! I have multiple guitars here at my studio for you to try before you commit to purchasing one.


Whether you’re into melodious acoustic fingerstyle or screaming electric guitar solos, all genres and styles are catered for here.

All Ages

Years of teaching experience has shown me both ends of the age spectrum, and every lesson has been a joy to teach. No matter what your age, there’ll never be a better time to learn the guitar than now.

Your first lesson is free


What I do, and why I do it...
'Our guitar lessons will be individually tailored to suit your specific needs'

Hi, my name is Sam Dawson. I provide guitar tuition in the East Yorkshire region for anyone who is keen to learn. Whether it's electric guitar or acoustic guitar, your specific goals will always be kept at the forefront of our lessons together. Having recently graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music with a First Class Honours in Music Performance (Guitar), I have gained invaluable experience with some of the best musicians in the country. Combined with years of teaching experience, I now aim to share this experience with enthusiastic new students, the way my first guitar teacher did for me. Your guitar lessons will be specifically tailored, and be at a time that is convenient for you. If you don't yet have a guitar, don't worry! I have spare guitars for you to try before you commit to purchasing one. The only things we need for us to start our guitar lessons together are yourself and your passion to learn! Whether you're seven or seventy years old, into rock, pop, funk or jazz, there'll never be a better time to learn to play the guitar than now. To arrange your first free lesson, use the contact options at the bottom of this page. I look forward to teaching you!

  • Advanced DBS (CRB) Checked

  • B(Mus) Proffessional Music Performance - 1st Class Honors Degree

  • Teaching since the age of 17

What Makes it unique?

Want to learn what YOU want to learn? Let's get to it...


Want to pass your grades? We can work on that. Want to play along to your favorite songs? Not a problem. Whatever your goals are, lessons will be planned in order to help you achieve them.


Lessons are taught from my home studio. There’s amps, guitars, keyboards, drums and the facilities to achieve professional recordings at no extra cost. It’s a perfect environment for learning about music as a whole, not just the guitar! Acoustic room treatment means we can crank the volume up too if we like!


Lessons will take place at a time and a location that is convenient for you. For West-Hull villages, taking guitar lessons in Hessle will eliminate the need to travel long distances into a busy city. Or, should you prefer, we can arrange to have our lessons in the comfort of your own home.


This is my job, not just some extra pocket money. Your sucess and enjoyment in playing the guitar is of paramount importance to me. Let’s learn about the universal language of music… And let’s make some noise whilst doing so!